Liquid PU adhesives
Liquid PU adhesives
For smart and solvent free adhesives that can be adapted to whatever challenge

For smart and solvent free adhesives

Jesper Fahlen
Jesper Fahlen
Global Product Manager Caprolactones
+46 40 635 88 59

Capa™ Polyols enable formulating environmentally friendly adhesives. With its excellent durability and flexibility it performs in a broad range of temperatures. For production of smart adhesives that sticks to a wide range of substrates.

Perstorp has a broad offering for different adhesives technologies. Our Capa™ Thermoplastics are formulated into Hot Melt adhesives where as Capa™ Polyols are used in Liquid Polyurethane (PU) Adhesives.

Capa™ Polyols is an essential building block when formulating Liquid Polyurethane (PU) Adhesives. It is especially good for applications such as flexible packaging, textile adhesives and multilayer laminates. You will get adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

Our wide portfolio of Capa™ Polyols enables formulation for broad range of adhesives solutions with specific end-use properties. Based on our extensive knowledge in Caprolactone chemistry, we can produce special Capa™ Polyols to meet your product needs.

 Capa™ Polyol’s have an inherent low viscosity which brings excellent surface wetting that facilitates consistent and quick application with improved adhesion properties. The low viscosity allows higher solid content formulations by reducing the need of organic solvents (lower VOC) which improves the environmental profile. This makes it possible for you to produce solvent free adhesives.

Capa™ is an aliphatic polyol that provides excellent weather stability, oil- resistance and UV-resistance which provides long term durability.

The low glass transition temperature of Capa™ polyols provide a polyurethane adhesive with great flexibility, even in cold conditions, ensuring that the adhesives have a wide service temperature.

Business advantages
  1. Create your unique adhesive, to fit your specific needs
  2. Environmental friendly products
  3. Excellent flexibility of the final adhesive
  4. Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
Performance advantages
  1. Durable and flexible
  2. Resistant to hydrolysis
  3. Performs in a wide range of temperatures
  4. Adhesion to wide range of substrates
  5. Low viscosity and low VOC enabling a solvent free adhesive
Process advantages
  1. Low viscosity for formulating up to 100% solid adhesives,
  2. Reduction in solvent demand
  3. Consistent molecular weight, reactivity and functionality
  4. Liquid grades available

Capa™ likes a challenge, so why not begin your process of discovery by using Capa™ Product Selector. Put Capa™ to the test!

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