How organic acid based silage preservatives help animals stay healthy

Animal Nutrition, Silage
17 February 2017

One of the common problems for dairy producers are Mycotoxins occurring in harvested crop and in corn silage pile. Mycotoxins like Zearalenon, DON, T-2 and HT-2 have among others following negative effects in cows:

  • Reduced milk production 
  • Reduced feed and dry matter intake, feed refusal, poor feed conversion, digestive upsets
  • Irregular heat cycles, embryonic death, high services per conception, lower pregnancy rates, altered hormonal systems, suppressed, immune function, reduced fertility, abortion
  • Higher Somatic Cell Counts
  • Aflatoxin can cause lameness, mastitis and udder infections in cattle. Aflatoxin is a carcinogenic toxin to humans

Remember that prevention is always cheaper than fire fighting!

Thanks to organic acid based silage preservative such as ProMyr™ you are able to save and protect your roughages and your animals’ health status at the same time. Organic acids support a rapid and ideal fermentation at the same time crop is ensiled. When feeding out and making a Totally Mixed Ration (TMR), ProMyr™ can be mixed into the TMR and prevent the heating up of feed and feed refusal. All these activities will help preventing mould growth and mycotoxin formation.

We look forward helping your animals stay healthy! Please contact Lennart Wiklund, our expert in preservation.

Cows eating TMR

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